What is Soylent Bar?

Snack to the future with Soylent Bar, 12.5% of your daily nutritional requirements packed into a convenient and tasty bar. Plant-based and protein-rich, Soylent Bar makes the afternoon slump a thing of the past.

Engineered for snacking.

We choose our ingredients carefully to ensure that your body gets exactly what it needs.

Soy protein

Soy protein

Soy protein isolate provides a smooth texture and robust amino acid profile.

Algal flour

Algal flour

Produced efficiently in bioreactors rather than traditional farms to conserve enormous quantities of natural resources while providing energy and essential fatty acids.



A slow-metabolizing disaccharide synthesized from beets offers sustained energy without the spikes of refined sugar.

Vitamins & minerals

Vitamins & minerals

Each Soylent Bar is designed to include 12.5% of all essential micronutrients.

A calculated boost.

12.5% of everything your body needs. Can chips say that?

  • Carbohydrates 30g 43% of calories
  • Lipids 10g 38% of calories
  • Protein 12g 19% of calories
  • 250


    12.50% DV

  • 20


    12.50% DV

  • 0g

    Trans Fat

  • 0g


  • 1g

    Saturated Fat

    5% DV

  • 210mg


    9% DV

  • 5g


    20% DV

Bar with passport

One small snack for mankind, one giant leap for your afternoon productivity.

Affordable, portable, complete. Why not?

Wrapped Bar drizzled in caramel.

Great taste, great nutrition.

Great caramel flavor and complete nutrition; Soylent Bar is the smart choice for your afternoon snack.

Bar surrounded by colorful flowers.

Responsible nutrition.

Using algal flour and no animal products, Soylent Bar's efficiency goes beyond your afternoon.
For each case of Soylent Bar sold, we donate a meal to a child in need.

Transparent labeling.

We are committed to providing customers with what they need to make informed food decisions.


Vegan, animal-free

This version of Soylent has no animal products or byproducts.


This version of Soylent does not contain lactose or milk products.


This version of Soylent does not contain nuts.

Follows FDA guidelines

Soylent is made using ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen.

Quality manufacturing

We use a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)-certified facility.

Made in the USA

We are proud to support American manufacturing.


Organic (No)

This version of Soylent is not 100% organic.

Certified kosher (No)

This version of Soylent uses kosher certified ingredients and manufacturers. The final product is not certified kosher.

GMO-free (No)

This version of Soylent is not GMO-free.
Learn more.

Allergen-free (No)

This version of Soylent contains soy & gluten.

Gluten-free (No)

This version of Soylent contains gluten.
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